Ultra High Frequency Specification & Integrated Circuits

UHF Specification

Although officially covering the 300 megahertz (MHz) to 3 gigahertz (GHz)range, we typically use the UHF frequency that lies within 860-960 MHz.

UHF RFID IC's have become very valuable to enterprises operating in sectors such as manufacturing, especially those with interests in international distribution. That's because UHF Products can be put into use by the manufacturer, as well as retailers and logistics specialists which are part of the supply chain, allowing products to be tracked and identified and enhancing operational efficiency. Managers can take a holistic view of stock location and control, breaking down data into item-level information and gaining new insights which they can use to improve processes and strategies.

These kind of UHF Tagging systems have proved beneficial in a number of different manufacturing operations; from product authentication which is required by premium brands, to product inventory management at warehouses. If you are an organisation which typically manages large quantities of products, UHF Tags and Products can be vital to their accurate identification and overall control.

UHF Tags and Products of this nature are typically certified to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards.

Impinj UHF Integrated Circuits (IC's)

The following Impinj Integrated Circuits are offered on the UHF frequency:

Monza 4QT (typically used for returnable asset tracking, tool tracking and pharmaceuticals)

Monza 5 (typically used for general purpose; i.e. item level serialisation)

Monza 4E (typically used for extended serial numbers)

Monza 4D (typically used for omnidirectional performance)

Monza R6 (typically used for inventory and asset tracking in retail environments)

The Monza chip family offers many advantages, including; item level visibility through unique identification, flexible memory options and high performance, along with extended features for RAIN RFID Tags, including security and privacy.

Used across a wide range of sectors from manufacturing to retail and pharmaceuticals, the benefits of the Monza IC family also include a lowest applied Tag cost, scalability for high performance source Tagging, and enterprise class data integrity.

NXP UHF Integrated Circuits (IC's)

The following NXP Integrated Circuits are used on the UHF frequency:

UCODE G2iL / G2iL+

Benefits include; unauthorised memory access prevention, Tag tampering attempt indication, small label sizes and long read ranges (typically used for fashion and retail).


Benefits include; memory read protection, Tag tamper alarm, data transfer mode and digital switch (typically used for counterfeiting protection and airline baggage Tagging).


Benefits include; 16 bits per millisecond encoding speed, Tag power indicator, integrated product status flag (typically used for fashion and retail).


Benefits include; auto adjust, untraceable, memory safeguard, pre-serialisation for 96-bit EPC, integrated product status flag, compatible with single slit antenna, brand identifier (typically used for fashion and retail).


Benefits include; Tag authentication using AES coprocessor, privacy protection with untraceable command, Tag power indicator and integrated product status flag (typically used for automatic vehicle ID, visitor / staff access control, visitor classification, retail supply chain management and asset tracking).