NFC for the Workplace

There has never been a broader variety of specialised NFC apps available, giving users an easy way to reap the benefits of NFC technology in fields from product tagging to supply chain management. 

NFC Apps for the Workplace 

NFC Apps for the Workplace can revolutionise communications within your organisation, designed to fit your specific needs and freeing your work force from time consuming and error producing tasks such as hard copy communication and manual recording. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with NFC technology, aside from the most typical uses such as scanning QR codes, barcodes, NFC Tags and location identification.

NFC for the Workplace

Manage Smarter

Since computers were invented, business management has not seen a tool capable of enhancing work processes as effectively as NFC technology. In the modern day, smart business is all about consolidating your resources to add value, and custom NFC apps do such a great job of saving you time and money - they ultimately deliver a positive impact on the bottom line.

The thing that makes NFC Readers so incredibly versatile is the ability to select from a huge variety of specialised apps. NFC apps for the Workplace can span everything from asset control to employee management, offering features like cloud synchronisation and custom data fields, and designed for a wide range of industries. There are a great collection of high-quality apps that are ready to use – but if you can’t find exactly what you need, don’t worry! You also have the opportunity to create custom built NFC apps that are tailored to your individual needs.

Ask almost anyone who works in the field what’s the most irritating and time consuming part of their job and they will probably say “completing the paperwork”; ask anyone back at headquarters what the most annoying and inefficient part of their job is and they’ll probably say “trying to read the paperwork”.

Over the years paperwork has become the biggest enemy of efficiency as regulation after new regulation demands, not only compliance, but proof of compliance through ever more complex record keeping.

Today the power of NFC is available to take away forever the burden of manual recording and hard copy communication using the incredible efficiency of the latest apps from our partners NFC Solution range. Added benefits include error free information transfer, capture of electronic signatures, photos, videos, and voice memos, the scanning of NFC Tags, barcodes, and QR codes, and location using GPS.

Captured on smartphone or tablet and stored in a secure cloud, the information is available to anyone authorised by the customer; or, where required the app can be customised to give direct upload to your own cloud storage.

This is possibly the most exciting tool for business management since the invention of the computer, allowing organisations in both the public and private sectors to focus their resources on adding value and additionally instantly incorporating the added dimensions of audio and video into operational activities.

Data uploaded to the cloud can be accessed in real-time by other departments or authorised partners, allowing expert intervention and support, job specific processing and analysis, site to site co-ordination. Direct data transfer via the app web-link gives immediate access to support and administration functions such as customer relations, billing and HR, for time sheet, pay-roll and freelance accounting.

NFC apps are so intuitive to use that businesses have found almost no training necessary for their users; and, like all of the best apps out there, these apps operate in Single Page Application (SPA) usage that fit all of your critical or most frequent interfaces onto a single screen.

NFC apps can integrate with existing systems, meaning no re-training for field workers. They can forget the days of trying to complete paper forms whilst balanced on precarious footholds in wind and rain battered hostile environments. A voice activated phone based recorder simply picks up the report while the work goes on and sends it back to base; for filing, for a second opinion or even to be aggregated into wider site investigation.

NFC for the Workplace

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