NFC for Events

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has presented commercial, public and third sector organisations with a host of solutions which can improve operational efficiency, drive consumer engagement and deliver outstanding insights.

The events industry is worth billions to the UK economy and economies around the world. Its importance is hard to overstate, from meetings and conferences, to sporting and musical events, spanning over 10,000 venues and attracting 85 million attendees annually in the UK alone.

NFC has played a huge part in improving the operational efficiency of events all over the world, making things simpler for organisers, while also helping them cut costs. This includes innovations such as NFC Wearables which has revolutionised crowd control, NFC Cards for event attendance and NFC Key Fobs which can place a large amount of media in the palm of the attendee.


NFC for Events

Introducting TapThat

TapThat™ is our analytics and management platform for event organisers. The platform is able to provide organisers with real-time data analytics directly from their events, and the ability to manage their attendees within the event. 

What are the benefits?

If you are an event organiser, you can utilise our TapThat™ platform by keeping a much closer eye on the different parts of your event venue, including the footfall and engagement through different stations at a location. With data being accessible on an instant basis, you are empowered to make real time event marketing and management decisions based on the information channeled to you by TapThat™.

With TapThat™, the picture is clearer for you when you take advantage of the platform's attendee data. TapThat™ is capable of tracking individual attendee movements and engagement, allowing you to gather insights on behaviour at events and build attendee profiles.

TapThat™ also provides a pathway into a wide range of other in-event marketing activities due to the attendee tracking and location data it offers. This could include competitions based on attendees behavioural information such as which attendee visited every station at an event, or who covered the most ground.

Better still, data is presented in clear and digestable formats, which can also be downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

How does it work?

TapThat™ utilises existing NFC products at an event and synchronises them to create a powerful marketing analytics tool.

Once you have registered an account on the platform you are able to log in and out as and when you choose. When it comes to event time, simply enter all of the relevant skeleton information for the occasion, including the name, date and description etc.

From there, you are able to fill in more specific event details such as the name of the stations, and attendees, if applicable to the event type. Attendee registration is straightforward and flexible, with TapThat™ providing the option to register before or at the event. Then the magic happens - the synchronisation of TapThat™ along with NFC products generates the data needed for cross event monitoring.

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