NFC for Charities

NFC has opened up a world of new exciting possibilities for Charities, which are able to revolutionise their marketing campaigns and make donating easier thanks to Contactless technology. At NFC Direct, we work with third sector organisations to provide you with NFC solutions which can reduce overheads, while upping efficiency and strengthening fundraising strategies.

NFC Tags

NFC Tags bring your Charity campaign the benefits of contactless technology. These small, portable and practical Tags are completely battery-less, and rely on consumers' smartphones for their power source. All it takes is the tap of a Tag, and your target audience can be directed to media downloads, product information or social media accounts.

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NFC Smart Posters and NFC Marketing Products

NFC Smart Posters can be a very effective way of grabbing the public's attention while offering a route to learn more or connect. Thanks to the NFC Tags embedded within the posters, passersby are able to swipe or tap their smartphone to join social media accounts, download audio and video, and even donate.

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NFC Wristbands

Wristbands have long been a popular way of showing solidarity with a good cause, and now charities can give them an extra twist thanks to NFC. Our NFC Wristbands are ideal for branding and offer the advantage of enabling a download of virtually any type - from documents to audio and video - using Contactless technology. They can also link to the web page of your choice.

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Contactless Donation terminals for Charities

The way we make payments is changing, and Charities are under pressure to adapt. NFC Direct has teamed up with Contactless payment specialist 'Paya Group' to provide Contactless Donation terminals, as well as other options, to Charities.

Contactless Donation terminals allow you to accept payments 24/7, 365 days a year at your shops, by installing the devices in shop windows and allowing passers-by to use their smartphone or Contactless bank card to make a contribution. All it takes is a simple tap or swipe for an easy and secure transaction. Contactless Donation terminals can also be used as a convenient portable replacement for traditional collection boxes and jars.


NFC for Charities

Marketing campaigns can be made completely trackable and accountable with our TapThat™ platform, which can provide analytics including how many people have interacted with your NFC Products, time breakdowns, donation habits and more.

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