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NFC Products NFC Smart Posters NFC Smart Posters
NFC Products NFC Smart Posters NFC Smart Posters

NFC Smart Posters

NFC Smart Posters offer an ideal way of taking advantage of this growing phenomenon, offering a recognisable yet excitingly new way of engaging with your customers or staff more directly and actively than ever before.

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Product Information

The NFC Smart Poster is the perfect way to blend your existing branding, corporate image or message along with contactless technology, allowing your consumers to engage with you from a tap of their smartphone. By using your own logos, images and marketing material you can ensure that your contactless engagement is recognisable and consistent with your wider marketing strategy. Whether you are in the world of retail, services or entertainment, NFC Smart Posters offer a unique opportunity for you and your organisation. 

Each poster has an integrated NFC chip, but this is not limited to only one NFC chip per poster, you can have up to 6 different NFC chip positions per poster. Please use the 'Number of NFC Positions' option above to select how many positions you require. Each position can be encoded with different encoding data. The NFC chip is NTAG213 (but we can incorporate a different NFC chip if required). 

Examples of where they can be used:

  • Stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants 
  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Shop fronts
  • Shopping Centres
  • Town Centres
  • High Street
  • Train Stations
  • Airports
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Gyms

'Poster Only':

The 'Poster Only' option is an NFC Smart Poster without a frame. The posters are available in three different materials, either Stain Paper (190gsm), Foamex (3mm) or Correx (4mm).

  • Memory Capacity: NTAG213144 Bytes 
  • Dimension: A5 (210x148mm)  /  A4 (297x210mm)  /  A3 (420x297mm)  /  A2 (594x420mm)  /  A1 (841x594mm)  /  A0 (1189x841mm)
  • Material: Satin Paper 190gsm  /  Foamex 3mm  /  Correx 4mm
  • Metal Friendly: No
  • Water Rating: Waterproof (with lamination)  /  Water Resistant (without lamination)
  • Interface Specification: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

'Poster with Acrylic Frame':

The Acrylic Frame provides additional protection to the NFC Smart Poster, with it's durability and ease of use. They can be installed almost anywhere allowing your customers or staff to engage with the poster with ease. Whether it be on a wall or a desk, the usability is dynamic.

Each Frame is manufactured from strong but sustainable materials and uses embedded rare-earth magnets for closure and security. The lockable edge to edge acrylic face that has both the look and feel of glass, but at a fraction of the weight. At just 18mm in thickness the frame sits flush to the wall or can be suspended from the ceiling for maximum visibility to the flow of traffic.

The Acrylic Frame is available as either non-illuminated (without backlight) or illuminated (with backlight) for dynamic media back lighting. The lighting is powered by a low voltage energy source delivering an ultra-bright LED light lasting 50,000 hours of life.

All frames are available in standard black or white, but for added impact, alternative mounting card colours are optionally available to match brand or campaign requirements. Please contact us for further details.

  • Memory Capacity: NTAG213144 Bytes 
  • Dimension: (see below)
  • Material: Acrylic measuring 5mm thickness, with solid wood backing measuring 13mm thickness (total 18mm thickness)
  • Metal Friendly: Yes
  • Water Rating: Waterproof 
  • Interface Specification: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

The frames are designed to accommodate standard poster sizes in the following dimensions. All frames can be used as either Portrait or Landscape. The sizes differ between Portrait and Landscape to give room for the location of the NFC chip at the bottom of the Frame:

Portrait sizes:

Poster Size
Frame Size (mm)    Visible Display Size (mm)
A1 (841x594mm)724 x 1036584 x 831
A2 (594x420mm) 550 x 780410 x 584
A3 (420x297mm)408 x 551287 x 410
A4 (297x210mm)280 x 397200 x 287
A5 (210x148mm)218 x 310138 x 200

Landscape sizes:

Poster Size
Frame Size (mm)    Visible Display Size (mm)
A1 (841x594mm)971 x 789831 x 584
A2 (594x420mm) 724 x 605584 x 410
A3 (420x297mm)532 x 428410 x 287
A4 (297x210mm)367 x 310287 x 200
A5 (210x148mm)280 x 249200 x 138

'Poster with A-Frame':

The A-Frame has a moulded plastic base that can be filled with either water or sand. The base has built-in wheels for easy transportation, and combined with the spring mounted display allows for durability in windy conditions. The A-Frame is available in sizes A1 (841x594mm) or A0 (1189x841mm) and is fully customisable to your branding requirements and communication priorities. Whether on the high street, on forecourts, pavements, garages, fuel stations or at train stations, products and services can benefit from the increased conversions and extra brand resonance. All it takes is the simple scan of a smartphone, and consumers can be directed to a website, watch a video, enter a competition or become a follower, fan or friend on social media. 

The A-Frame arrives flat packed for easy assembly. 

  • Memory Capacity: NTAG213144 Bytes 
  • Dimension: A1 (841x594mm)  /  A0 (1189x841mm)
  • Material: Aluminium Snap Frame with a robust Plastic Base
  • Metal Friendly: Yes
  • Water Rating: Waterproof
  • Interface Specification: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

Why Choose an NFC Smart Poster?

You no doubt already use posters or in store displays to catch the eye of passing customers, to attract their attention and encourage them to take a further look at what your business has to offer. But there is a limit to how much information a poster can display and still maintain its impact. 

NFC Smart Posters do the job of attracting customers attention but also give them an easy, instant way to connect with more detailed information through their smartphone. An NFC chip installed in the Poster can direct a customer to whatever information you want to give them: that might be a link to your website; details of special offers; opening hours; product availability; marketing video; contact details or a link to relevant social media pages. They offer you a way to interact with your customers before they have even set foot in your premises and are at the cutting edge of digital advertising.

Artwork Requirements:

To get optimum printing results for your products we require your artwork file to be in a vector based file format such as .pdf, .ai or .eps. with a bleed line of 3mm. Please see an artwork checklist below for our preferred artwork layout:

  • Set up document to correct size
  • Colour CMYK
  • Bleed 3mm
  • Add crop marks
  • Safe area 3mm
  • Resolution 300dpi
  • Fonts embedded