NFC Solutions

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has presented commercial, public and third sector organisations with a host of solutions which can improve operational efficiency, drive consumer engagement and deliver outstanding insights.

NFC for Marketing

At NFC Direct we offer a wealth of options for you to choose from if you are looking for innovative, cutting-edge technology to market your products and services. Using NFC Tags, NFC Labels, NFC Smart Posters, NFC Business Cards and NFC Marketing Products will allow your clients and customers to use their smartphones to receive all the information you want them to have.  

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NFC for Events

NFC has played a huge part in improving the operational efficiency of events all over the world, making things simpler for organisers, while also helping them cut costs. This includes innovations such as NFC Wearables which has revolutionised crowd control, NFC Cards for event attendance and NFC Key Fobs which can place a large amount of media in the palm of the attendee.

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NFC for Charities

NFC has opened up a world of new exciting possibilities for Charities, which are able to revolutionise your marketing campaigns and make donating easier thanks to Contactless technology. At NFC Direct, we work with third sector organisations to provide you with NFC solutions which can reduce overheads, while upping efficiency and strengthening fundraising strategies.

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NFC for the Workplace

NFC Apps for the Workplace can revolutionise communications within your organisation, designed to fit your specific needs and freeing your workforce from time consuming and error producing tasks such as hard copy communication and manual recording.

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In the marketing sphere, NFC Solutions are being used for a wide range of purposes - from allowing instant consumer engagement, to downloads and social media connection. NFC Tags are embedded in Smart Posters and used in branded items from Key Fobs to Beer Mats. Events are also being revolutionised by NFC, with organisers being able to track attendee movements better than ever before, and cashless payment being enabled via smart card systems.

For Charities, NFC has ushered in a new era, making donations available at just the tap of a smartphone, at any time of the day or night. While in the workplace, NFC has an endless number of commercial and industrial uses; from being able to track stock and inventory, to offering more secure access across a site, and offering new options for employee management. And the great thing is that NFC is integrable with existing workplace systems.

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