About NFC Direct

If you’re looking for friendly experts in NFC and everything Contactless, great news – you’ve found us!

Who we are

We are a truly global supplier of Contactless technology: providing NFC Tags, NFC Products, NFC Devices and NFC Solutions right around the world. From big multi-nationals with established Contactless strategies to those making their first, tentative foray into the exciting world of Contactless opportunities, we have all the knowledge, expertise and technology that you will need – and we’d really love to join you on your own Contactless journey!

We live and breathe Contactless. It’s already making a huge difference in the worlds of marketing, commerce, retail, transport, health, security and more – and we’re full of new ideas about how it can help every business (including yours!). We’re huge fans of Contactless, and we want you to be, too. That’s why whenever you’ve got a question about any aspect of NFC technology, we want to be the first people you turn to.

In fact, we aim to be the only place you will ever need to come for all your Contactless needs: a one-stop online shop for NFC hardware, software, information and complete Contactless solutions. Our number one priority is you – and our aim is nothing less than to ensure your absolute delight at the utility, reliability and sheer power of Contactless in every area of your business.

Oh, and did we mention we love Contactless…? :)

What do we provide?

Below is a flavour of the products and services we provide. There are plenty more details elsewhere on the website, but if you’ve got any questions just get in touch at info@nfcdirect.co.uk or telephone +44(0) 20 3876 0879. We’d really love to hear from you!

We’re also constantly innovating – looking for the next big opportunity in Contactless. Take our TapThat™ platform, for example. TapThat™ offers a comprehensive analytics system for your NFC marketing strategy, enabling you to assess the performance of individual posters and campaigns in fine detail.

Our History

NFC Direct was born out of our sheer excitement at the huge potential and almost limitless opportunities on offer from the thrilling new world of NFC and Contactless technology. Wedded to our geeky giddiness was our serious commitment to help drive the development and adoption of Contactless in the UK and around the world.

It all began with the revolutionary Nokia 6131. This was the very first smartphone to incorporate NFC technology, and it pointed the way to a bright Contactless horizon of thrilling opportunities. By 2006 the specifications for NFC Tags and Products had been published, but we remained frustrated at the slow progress of Contactless. We were determined to share our love of NFC with as many people as possible, and to help bring Contactless technology into the everyday life of millions of people.

NFC Direct was formally incorporated in 2012, with a mission to spread Contactless far and wide – providing a platform for the growth and expansion of this incredible technology. We understood how important it was to show companies that NFC is secure, that it’s reliable, and – perhaps most importantly – to demonstrate to them how Contactless can become an important, valued and even an indispensable element of their marketing and business processes.

Now that every new smartphone is NFC-enabled and Contactless technology is ever more visible, you might suspect that our initial excitement about the technology had faded. Not a bit! Even today, nothing gives us greater pleasure than pushing the boundaries of Contactless – exploring and innovating, and sharing every new discovery with our lovely customers.

So come and join our expanding Contactless family. It’ll be fun, we promise!