Here, we present the fundamentals of NFC in a handy question and answer format for you, your team and your customers. Feel free to use and adapt this FAQ for your staff training, sales, advertising and in-store needs.

1. What does NFC mean?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and refers to a particular kind of short-distance wireless data transmission between two devices, or between one device and an unpowered tag. It generally works at distances less than 5cm.

2. My phone or device is NFC enabled, what does this mean?

Owning an NFC-enabled smartphone, tablet or other device means that you’ve already got everything you need to make the most of the expanding world of Contactless experiences - from accessing exclusive content to making quick and easy payments.

3. What can NFC do for me?

Right now you can unlock interactive content, make instant Contactless payments, access exclusive offers and much more. Keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting NFC applications, which are being developed all the time.

4. How do I switch NFC on?

For NFC to work on your device, you may need to switch it on via the settings menu (sometimes you can find it under ‘more’). And that’s it, you’re ready to go! It really is as easy as that - and it won’t zap your battery.

5. What is the N-Mark symbol?

The N-Mark symbol is a simple way to spot NFC-enabled devices, apps and touchpoints. When you see it on a touchpoint, the symbol indicates where you need to tap your device to access the Contactless service.

6. What is an NFC Tag?

An NFC Tag creates an independent touchpoint. Tags don’t need power, so they can be embedded in posters, labels, public spaces - pretty much anywhere in fact. They contain information which can be received and accessed by your Contactless device with just a quick tap.

7. Is NFC similar to Bluetooth?

Both technologies enable short-range communication without wires. However, in most other respects they are quite different, and are used for different things. They can work well together: using NFC to quickly ‘pair’ devices so that they can communicate via Bluetooth.

8. How do I use NFC with my smartphone?

Each NFC-enabled smartphone will have a Contactless touchpoint, often on the back of the device or along the top edge. When you encounter another touchpoint such as on a payment device or smart poster, you simply tap your phone to it. NFC is Contactless, so the two touchpoints don’t have to come into direct contact, but they do have to be very close.