Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are two technologies which are leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Big Data refers to the increasing capability to extract value from high volumes of statistics, thanks to new software for conducting predictive analytics and behaviour analytics exercises. These methods have been especially successful for larger organisations which have the means to collate big amounts of data and use it to inform their own business practices.

Artificial Intelligence refers to computer technology which is able to learn and problem-solve independently. From bots to self-driving taxis and voice-based personal assistants, this type of machine learning is expanding into an increasing number of possibilities, making our lives easier and reducing the need for 'manpower'. 

How is NFC helping?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is playing an important role in both Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the ability of NFC to collect data easily through smartphones and other convenient devices, interactions can be monitored in greater volumes than ever before. In this respect, NFC is acting as a gatherer for AI systems, which can then make more informed decisions by basing actions on the evidence of the data. This all goes towards making more intelligent business decisions.

Made for marketing

When NFC goes hand in hand with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, nowhere are the benefits felt more acutely than in the sphere of marketing. Thanks to the ability of NFC to collect data, retailers are able to discover the best locations in stores to places certain products; marketing material can be targeted more effectively based on specific settings and audiences, and more accurate buyer personas can be created based on real demographics. 

Optimising operations

At the back end, NFC is also proving a vital component in AI networks which are helping to improve efficiency across a number of industries. For example in healthcare, hospital beds spaces can be monitored on an ongoing basis, cutting down paperwork and saving precious time for staff. NFC is also favoured in AI operations because of how it supports easy encryption, tightening cybersecurity.

In simple terms, NFC is the pillar of communication around which big data and AI practices can be built. Trust NFC Direct to deliver NFC solutions which can support your Big Data and AI objectives. 

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence