NFC Sample Packs

You have heard about the incredible benefits of NFC but not sure how to get started? Our NFC Sample packs are a great way to explore this technology and see what amazing things it can do for your business or organisation. Why not contact us and tell us about your project; well make sure you get on the right track with the right pack.

Please note: We are adding to our sample packs all the time and wherever possible. There are a lot of products on our site that will not be in the sample packs below due to them having different requirements. The sample packs are ultimately there for you to test and to use NFC functionality, rather than the product that will end up being used for your project or application. If there is a product that is not in the sample packs below and you really need a sample before ordering a large amount of one of our other listed products, please contact us and we will look at how we can best help you.