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NFC Products NFC Labels Repositionable NFC Labels
NFC Products NFC Labels Repositionable NFC Labels

Repositionable NFC Labels

Repositionable NFC Labels offer the power of instant contactless engagement. With your chosen artwork design you can spread your NFC campaign far and wide, along with the option to reposition your labels at any time.

Product Information Order Guidelines
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Please select the size you require your Repositionable NFC Labels to be. If you require a different size or shape please Contact Us.
Metal Friendly:
Please select if you require your Labels to be metal friendly. They come standard without the shielding layer which protects the antenna from metal interference. But if you plan to attach these Labels to a metal surface, you will need to select 'Yes' on this option for them to be operational on a metal surface.
If required, please upload your encoding data file (.xlsx, .csv)
If required, please upload your encoding data file (.xlsx, .csv) or upload in your account area after checkout.
Add File
Please upload your artwork file (.pdf, .ai, .eps). Please note: The MOQ per design is 25 units.
Please upload your artwork file (.pdf, .ai, .eps). Please note: The MOQ per design is 25 units. or upload in your account area after checkout.
Add File
Extra Print Option:
If required, please upload your data / artwork file (.pdf, .xlsx, .csv)
If required, please upload your data / artwork file (.pdf, .xlsx, .csv) or upload in your account area after checkout.
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Based on the options you have selected above, the minimum order quantity is 25 units.
Total Cost (excl. VAT)
Total Cost: £108.75 (excl. VAT)
 Available to Order
Please Note: The lead time for this product is in between 10 - 20 working days depending on the options you have selected above. For larger orders the lead time may be longer.
Product Information Quantity Discounts
Product Information

Repositionable NFC Labels give you the power of NFC engagement with the simple versatility and durability to use where you please. The instant interaction of NFC marketing is made easier with Repositionable NFC Labels, which can be stuck anywhere from information boards to tables, fridges and inside vehicles. Manufactured from Micro Suction Adhesive Material, they are designed to be stuck, removed, and repositioned elsewhere based on your immediate requirements.

Available in any requested size, Repositionable NFC Labels can be produced for both metal surfaces and normal surfaces. Labels designed for metal surfaces are incorporated with a specially designed 'On Metal NFC chip' and those for normal surfaces are incorporated with a 'Regular NFC chip'. 

Examples of where they can be used:

  • Stadiums/Arenas
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Restaurants 
  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Shop fronts
  • Shopping Centres
  • Town Centres
  • Gyms


  • Memory Capacity: NTAG213144 Bytes 
  • Dimension: (Please contact us if you require a different size to what is displayed on the option above)  A7 (105x74mm)  /  A6 (148x105mm)  /  A5 (210x148mm)  /  A4 (297x210mm) 
  • Material: Micro Suction Adhesive
  • Metal Friendly: Yes (but you will need to select the 'Metal Friendly' option above, otherwise they will not be metal friendly)
  • Water Rating: Waterproof
  • Interface Specification: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

Product Guidelines:

  • The labels are produced at a minimum size of 74x105mm.
  • The labels are only available with one sided print, and the micro suction adhesive is located on the opposite side of the print so they can be stuck to any surface with the print facing towards you.
  • Orders for Repositionable NFC Labels are subject to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 25 units per design. Per design means the 25 labels will be exactly the same design with the exception of Variable Numbering.
  • Variable Numbering is available for each individual label, however currently Variable QR Code is unavailable and would mean the same QR Code would be printed on each design that is ordered.
  • The lead time for Repositionable NFC Labels is around 10-20 working days - this will depend on the quantity ordered.
Quantity Discounts
The quantity discounts you see below are based on the options you have selected above:

Reduced Price
You Save

Please contact us if you require quantities exceeding 2,000
Order Guidelines

By using our excellent encoding service we can encode your NFC Products so they are ready to use as soon as they arrive at your door. If you do require your products encoded, please select the encoding option from the drop-down above and upload your encoding data by clicking on the 'Add File' button underneath. Your data can be in a spreadsheet or text document, or you can use our handy Encoding Template, which includes six example pages to get you started.

For more information on our Encoding service please click here 

Artwork File:
To upload your artwork file simply click on the 'Add File' button underneath the drop-down above. Or alternatively you can upload your file in your account area after checkout. 

Artwork Requirements:
To get optimum printing results for your products we require your artwork file to be in a vector based file format such as .pdf, .ai or .eps. with a bleed line of 3mm. 
Extra Print Options

Please Note: These options are only available if they are listed within the selections above. 

Variable Number Print:
Many of our NFC Products - from NFC Tags to NFC Cards and Industry NFC Tags - can benefit from Variable Number Print, which allows NFC Tags to be individually identified. We can print directly onto the surface of a Tag (in black), clearly displaying an ID which matches a Tag's encoding and allows it to be referenced quickly.
Depending on requirements, some of our customers require the printed number to be the 14 digit alphanumeric UID number that we would retreive directly from the NFC chip (IC) itself, and then print this UID number on the surface of the NFC Product so you would be able to visibly see the number you would be scanning when using the NFC fucntionality.
To select the Variable Number Print option simply select 'Variable Number Print' in the drop down above and upload a file with the Variable Number Print sequence that you require printed. If you require the NFC chips UID to be printed rather than a specific sequence please make this clear on the file you upload.

Variable QR Code Print:

Variable QR Code Print along with the NFC functionality on products gives users two options to retrieve information via either using a camera on the QR Code or tapping onto the NFC chip (IC). The information received from the user could be a simple URL or some text. Variable QR Code print also offers the easy individual identification of NFC Products, with the printing of an alphanumeric or numeric sequence. In this way, NFC QR Code Print allows for easy cross-referencing.
We require that customers send a spreadsheet with two simple columns - one for the QR Code information, and one for the data to be encoded (if required).
To select the Variable QR Code print option please select 'Variable QR Code Print' in the drop down above.

Barcode Print:
Barcode Print allows many of our NFC Products to be individually identified, displaying a sequence on your NFC Products. This offers an easy reference for a number of purposes. These alphanumeric or numeric sequences can vary according to each unique NFC Product.
We offer the choice of an NFC Barcode Print in a simple shortened format which allows for quick identification, or a longer version. To take advantage of our NFC Barcode Print service, all you need to do is send us a spreadsheet containing the barcode information.
Please Note: Barcode Print is not a selectable option. Please contact us to discuss your requirments.

Device Compatibility

Apple IconAndroid CompatibilityWindows 10 Mobile CompatibilityBlackberry Mobile Compatibility

Technical Information

For more technical information relating to NFC & RFID Technology please go to our 'NFC Technical Information' page by clicking here.