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NFC Products NFC Jewellery NFC Charm Rubber Bracelets
NFC Products NFC Jewellery NFC Charm Rubber Bracelets

NFC Charm Rubber Bracelets

Ref: 670
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Product Information

We offer a huge selection of beautifully designed NFC discs which can be matched with our range of NFC Bracelets as a charm. Alternatively, the NFC enabled charm can be easily fitted to branded bracelets such as Pandora. If you want your NFC bracelet to represent a show of affection, or have simply 'fallen in love' with the attractive design, our range of enamel and Sterling Silver Hearts Discs can fit the bill. Choose from a wide selection of colours, including: purple, soft pink, bright pink, red, light blue, orange and dark blue.

You can also fly your national flag with a popular Union Jack Disc in Blue & Red Enamel. This item is also made with Sterling Silver, and like the Hearts Discs above can be used on our range of NFC Bracelets, or fitted easily to bracelets manufactured by independent fashion brands. For those whose loyalties lie on the other side of the pond, consider our Stars and Stripes in Enamel disc.

Then we have our enamel Stars Discs made with Sterling Silver - available in purple, light green, dark green, red, light blue, dark blue and orange - which lights up a range of NFC bracelets and branded bracelets, offering a stunning charm which provides valuable NFC functionality.

For those who believe a charm should be lucky, our enamel Clover Discs are available in a range of colours, including: white, dark green, light green, light blue and dark blue. Fun, colourful and with an air of mysticism, the Clover Discs are also made in Sterling Silver and are easily fitted to a wide range of bracelets, both designed for NFC purposes and otherwise.

Terms of purchase
  • All the items in the NFC Bracelet range come complete with the 'K' (Kiroco) logo on the back of the product. Bespoke branded logo designs can be included for an additional cost, and size restrictions will apply.
  • Orders for NFC Bracelets are subject to a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 units, with a minimum of 200 per piece of jewellery per individual item.
  • The lead time for NFC Bracelets is around 7-8 weeks, with 10-12 weeks taken for NFC Bracelets requiring bespoke branded logo designs.
  • If you require a bespoke branded logo design on the NFC Bracelets you would like to order, please contact us and detail your requirements.