NFC Jewellery

We have been at the forefront of NFC Wearables and NFC Jewellery since the inception of NFC technology, and we have a passion for the continuous development in this area.

Our range of NFC Jewellery seen below - NFC Necklaces and NFC Bracelets - are the perfect gift to a special one or if you wanted to simply add to your personal jewellery collection. Not only are they perfect on a personal level but also within corporate environments such as events where premium is essential. Each piece of jewellery can have it's own message, link to a website or link to a video so that when scanned by either a special one or business partners they will retrieve the information you want them to have. Not only perfect for a special touch, but also perfect for marketing and brand engagement. 

If you are looking for NFC Wristbands, please go to our NFC Wristbands category.