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NFC Devices NFC Enabled Smartphones Nokia Enterprise Smartphones
NFC Devices NFC Enabled Smartphones Nokia Enterprise Smartphones

Nokia Enterprise Smartphones

Due to their excellent device performance, security and reliability we have chosen Nokia as our dedicated manufacturer for distribution of NFC Enabled Smartphones, whether the demand is for healthcare, workforce management or stock control applications.

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Product Information

Some of the most innovative and versatile applications of Contactless technology are on the move, out in the field. In such environments, NFC enabled Smartphones can provide the ideal solution; a portable, hand-held NFC Reader and writer that can communicate seamlessly with your central systems via mobile data, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

When used by staff such as on security patrols or conducting stock checks across multiple locations an NFC enabled Smartphone means you only need to issue them with one device. NFC enabled Smartphones are also easily customised with apps to cater to the specific needs of your business.

Our range is broad in terms of both the functionality of our NFC enabled Nokia Smartphones and their price points, meaning we offer a collection which appeals to businesses of all sizes and budgets, across a range of different sectors.

So that we can provide you with the latest up to date and specialised NFC Nokia Smartphone specified to your NFC project please contact our team above to assist you on choosing the most suitable device for your requirements.

Nokia smartphones are designed with style and durability that stand the tests of time. There smartphones keep getting better with Nokia's lead in security updates, delivering them monthly to 100% of there smartphones. 

Nokia do not like to slow down the usability of there smartphones as we live in a fast world, and because of that, Nokia do not add bloatware that wastes the battery power and hogs processing power. Nokia smartphones come with Android only - nothing you don't want and nothing to get in your way.

When it comes to security, Nokia defend your data with comprehensive multi-layer security. With three years of monthly updates will keep your business safe from the latest threats. Security is a huge concern for every business, so Nokia have made it their number one priority.  

As Europe's leading smartphone brand, the Android Enterprise Nokia smartphone you choose will cover all of the mobile uses your business needs.